Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Married Life and The Job Hunt

We've been married just under a month now, and things are going great! Ben had two days off for July 4th, so we spent the four day weekend together. Thursday night we went to a Future of Forestry concert here in Wichita. Sam drove down for it. It was a good time. Definitely worth seeing in concert if they are coming to a city near you.

We've been watching a lot of Zombie movies lately, including 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later, as well as the Resident Evil trilogy (soon to be quadrilogy? really? is that necessary?), and the Night of the Living Dead through Dawn of the Dead.

I put in my two weeks at the Icing finally. The paychecks I'm getting aren't worth putting up with the drama at the store. It seems like no matter what, the schedules are always changing, or one of the employees is causing lots of problems. For example, you don't hit other employees. You also don't walk into the store, full of customers, and start yelling at the other associate working about not getting paid. You also shouldn't walk over to the manager working and start yelling at her about it in front of a customer she's helping. Or snap at people on the phone... or just be rude in general. Hum, yeah.

I had a phone interview at Koch Ind. for a Production Manager position. I would basically keep all of the designers on task and make sure projects are getting completed on time. I'm not very hopeful, simply because I don't have enough experience to get the job. But the phone interview did go really well. So we'll see. Otherwise, I've been applying for tons of jobs. I had an offer at a coffee shop just after starting at the Icing, so I'm planning to call back about it if I don't get a second interview for the Production Manager position.

I basically have to have some sort of full-time job by the end of October, which is when my student loans kick in. Blech. I keep hoping and praying that something will open up somewhere!

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