Thursday, November 27, 2008

13 Essays on Whether or Not Belief in God is Obsolete

One of my professors at CUNE, who also happens to be the physics and astronomy professor, is a theistic evolutionist. He tends to have us read more controversial philosophies in order to get discussion started (he likes to argue).

Right now we're reading 13 essays put forward by the Templeton Foundation. They can be found by clicking here. They're worth reading.

Thanksgiving...and other things.

Happy Thanksgiving! One of the few things I like about Concordia is that we get an entire week off for Thanksgiving, which translates into ten days at home. So I'm home until Sunday, then I get to go back and gear up for finals. While I'm here, I have two papers to write, an illustration to finish, thumbnails for my Paul Newman assignment (who's excited? oh yeah, me!), and possibly most important, pumpkin pie to eat.

I'm more than ready for this semester to be over. I ended up stuck with three night classes, and while I'm getting pretty near straight A's, I'm not putting as much work into some of my classes as I would like to. Namely, Adv. Layout and Design. I had opportunity for some major portfolio pieces in that class, but in order to pull that off now, I have to go back and fix everything (typography, sizes, printed copies, etc).

This semester feels really strange, too, because it's the second to last semester some of my good friends will be at Concordia, and once they're gone, there's a kind of void that will be formed. I'm not really sure how to explain it. Then I only have two semesters left (one, really), before I have to start job searching. I'm thankful, because at this point in my life I could not do another 4 years of educational pursuit. Grad school could happen later, but not for at least 5 years after college.

I found out yesterday that the Nebraska district has finally started to address the issue of Communion at Concordia and it's about time. We're the only Concordia that has it, and there's no reason to when there's a Lutheran church across the street from our college that has Communion on a regular basis. I'm really hoping that starting either next semester or next year, we won't have it anymore. It'll be one less controversial issue on our campus.

I'm hoping to post some web rez scans of some of my art up here sometime soon. We'll see if it'll happen post-Turkey break.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So, I decided to ditch my HT blog because I never use it and I think I'd use a personal blog more often. I feel like I can post whatever I want to on it and it doesn't have to fit a certain context. SO! I'll be using this blog from now on. I'll try to post about once a week, but we'll see how that goes.