Friday, March 13, 2009


I've been a bad blogger. Not because I've been trying not to blog, but because my life is actually kind of busy and any and all things unnecessary take a back seat to . . . life? 

So I'm on spring break right now. I've gotten absolutely *nothing* accomplished. I mean, you have no idea. Mainly because having surgery over break usually means you get nothing done . . . My wisdom teeth are out, my jaw hates me. I have not been in this much pain since last spring break when I went to the emergency room. Spring breaks just haven't been good to me. I finally got out today and took some pictures. Drove out to my parents new farm. They just closed on the place Monday. It's an old dairy farm. It's going to need a lot of renovation, but since when have my parents ever done things the easy way? (At least in the last 15 years?)

I've basically saved all of my homework for tomorrow. I have so much to get done this week it's not even funny. I haven't really worked on flash in two weeks, which means that nothing has gotten done in two weeks. I need to really have my opening sequence sort of finished by Thursday. Opening sequence being 20 seconds long . . . it takes me about 5 hours for 5 seconds of really good animation . . . I'm guessing it'll take me about 10-20 hours to get what I want accomplished. Maybe not. At least I have an idea of what I want to do now. I'm supposed to have a 32"x24" drawing halfway done by Thursday (eek). I have three prints due for photography by Saturday. I have a six page paper due for Old Testament by Friday. I was supposed to have scanned sketches in for my GS group before I left for break...and that didn't happen (not that I really care). Oh yes, I also have a portfolio review to go to on Saturday, meaning I have to put the portfolio together (ouch). AND, I have an internship interview next week meaning I need to have print pieces pulled and ready to go. I'm kind of doomed. I might be pulling some really late nights and / or freaking out a lot this week. I think espresso and I are going to be really good friends. That's what you get for procrastinating, right?

I sort of have my summer figured out, though. I'm staying in Seward instead of living at home. I'm hoping to get this internship (really, really hoping). And I'll probably be working two other jobs besides that. The internship is unpaid . . . so I'll be busy, but that's nothing new!