Saturday, July 10, 2010

Doomed to be a Barista with a Failing Art Career

I still haven't heard back about the job at Koch, and considering it's Saturday, I'm beginning to wonder if indeed this is bad news. I'm really not qualified for the position, and I think they know that, but I'm hoping I'm spunky enough and nice enough to get the job.

Otherwise, I guess I'll just work as a barista. Really, I guess it wouldn't be so bad. I could just open my own freelancing graphic design firm. I'm not sure that I know enough about business, though. It seems like there are two kinds of freelancers. 

Freelancer 1:

Jumps into freelancing without learning about any business practice, accounting practice, or billing practice first. They buy a computer and software after quitting their first graphic design job in a bitter rage and jump straight into freelancing. They hand out business cards to every privately owned store in town and hope to have someone that needs some posters designed. They learn about getting things printed and bidding jobs as they need to. Clients are generally happy, unless they aren't. Most of these types can't afford to turn down even the crappiest projects.

Freelancer 2:

The kind of person that works for ten years, building an amazing portfolio, and then decides to jump ship. However, he has enough experience under his belt now that he not only knows enough about business, but he's seen how it's done. He is his own art director, creative director, and branding agent. He finds his own cllients. Oh wait, he doesn't have to, because he's worked for ten years.

I always sort of saw myself as the second option. It seemed like I'd work at a small firm or a huge agency for ten years, chipping away, doing the mundane tasks while I waited for prime opportunity to jump ship. However, that does not seem to be the case, and I'm not sure exactly how to proceed. I was the top of my graduating class in the art department pursuing a graphic design degree. 

Maybe I should find some clients before I start on this adventure.

Or maybe not.


sammijo said...

I never thought i see the words Doomed and Barista in the same sentence considering i've always just paired the words Cool and awesome with the words barista before. I think you're going to be a kick ass barista while being a kick ass freelancer... listen lady if our old roommate can freelance imagine what you could do.

Anna Joy Holbird said...

Speaking of room mates... look at a certain person's FB pictures of what they've been working on.