Saturday, January 24, 2009

"I won. You lost. Nyeah, nyeah, nyeah."

This week I was forced to watch the inauguration for my drawing class. I've never taken a political science class on campus, but I was forced to watch the inauguration for 2 whole hours because of one of my art classes. I had chosen not to watch it simply because I don't need the extra stress of politics in my life right now. Campus was pretty split on the issue of whether or not Obama should be elected to office. I was against, but I wasn't for McCain either. In the end, I voted for McCain with the mere hope that I'd bump his percentage points in Minnesota. Then again, I also voted for Coleman. I guess that doesn't count either.

Barack is a good speaker. He keeps your attention. He talks about a lot of things. But when you really think about his policies, or what he's said about his policies, I can't think of anything where he's actually come down on an issue, except maybe for taxes and the war. Taxes are the one thing he's completely decided on. Raise them for anyone that makes more than $80,000 a year. War, end it before we finish. I'm not for the war in Iraq. I honestly think the war in Iraq, while we have done some good things there, does eventually need to come to an end. I don't know if I can honestly say that I think what they're doing over there is really going to help us out in the region or not once we're done. However, to simply pull out is ineffective. What does that say? Yeah, it's Viet Nam all over again, yay us.

Read this article. You can read this one, too.

The man isn't respectful and doesn't appreciate being questioned. At least you should be honest with people. If reporters are asking you a question, GET OVER IT. ANSWER THE F'ING QUESTION. And he's a hypocrite. Let's not allow lobbyists to have special treatment...but because I'm the president I can do whatever I want. How dare you question the president of the United States? After all, he won.

Now. . . I think we should pray for the man. He is our president whether we wanted him to be or not. But let's face it. He's inaugurated. The economy isn't magically better. We're not magically out of this war. Our country really hasn't changed anything fundamentally. Maybe he really isn't Jesus after all.

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