Saturday, December 13, 2008

Winding Down Fall Semester, Junior Year

As this semester winds down, I'm looking at the body of work that I've produced this semester and wondering whether or not any of it is worth giving a crap about. The longer I'm in school, the more frustrating I'm finding living the life a graphic designer should live (and yes, there's a way a graphic designer *should* be, "law" or not, it's a secular situation).

I produce work. I'm deadline oriented, so my work usually is accompanied by assignment or specifics. It's not a question of "what am I doing" it's a question of "how am I doing it" most of the time. I can understand some of the particulars, but the more I'm here the less I feel like I'm being adequately prepared for the world. I'm a junior in college, I've taken almost 70 credit hours of art classes, and I've never had to deal with a client-based need. Granted, you could say that my professors assignments represent client-based projects, and in some ways they do. However, my professors present more of an art-director type role in the constructive criticism that they provide. I have the feeling I'm going to get out into the world and absolutely hate dealing with clients. Not so much because their projects are uninteresting, but more because they are uneducated. For this reason, I will readily admit, I am a snob.

Moving on...

One of my final projects is to build a portfolio website for myself. :) I absolutely love web design, so this project will be fun. The problem is that I've already put 20 hours into it this week and have gotten next to no where. I love javascripting, come to find out (when it's pre-written, ha), so I have my gallery portion of the site nearly built and coded. When it comes to what I'm actually going to write or say about myself and my work, it's kind of unclear.

That said, Paul Newman is almost done. Yes, the 24"x18" graphite montage of Paul Newman is almost done. I will finish him, if not today, tomorrow, scan him in, do the text, and be done! Yay! It's not that I don't like Paul Newman. I thought he was a fine actor. I just don't like graphite, but when you have a one week turn-around on a project that would usually take 50-60 hours to complete, graphite is the way to go.

Anyways, as soon as I'm done with these projects, I'll post my website link up and maybe some other stuff I've been working on this semester, like my 4'x8' self portrait... That assignment was not a personal choice. We all had to do it. :P

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